Delta Airlines

Delta Airlines going above and beyond what was expected. 

Delta Agent doing the unexpected made a big difference in my day.

Delta Agent doing the unexpected made a big difference in my day.

As consumers I think we all want to be treated fairly when we spend our hard earned money on every product or service that we buy.  The one thing I find frustrating is when you get great service from a business one day, and they totally blow it on a different day.  With my work I travel on a regular basis and I tend to use the same airlines, hotel chains, etc.

The thing that keeps me coming to the same providers is because one in a while I will have experience that goes above and beyond what is expected.  I was reminded of this on a personal trip this weekend.  I was traveling on Delta Airlines through Los Angeles on my way to Honolulu for the Honolulu Marathon.  My connection in LA was short, and I had to change terminals.  I was not really worried about it, because I often have tight connections, and rarely have a problem.

When I walked off of the plane at LAX there was a man in a Delta uniform standing at the bottom of the Jet way holding a sign with my name “Jay Bean”.  I said I am Jay Bean and he said do you have checked luggage, and I said no, I have a bag that was checked at the gate.  He said follow me, and at this point I did not know what was going on, and I thought he needed me by mistake.  I followed him out the door at the bottom of the jet way, and down on the tarmac.  We got my bag, and put it in the back of a Porsche SUV.  I got in and asked him where we are going.  He said that we noticed you had a short connection, so they were taking me to my next gate.  As we drove to the other terminal he thanked me for flying Delta Airlines.  When we got to my gate he took my bag and walked me back into the terminal, shook my hand, and we parted ways.

I had another experience with Delta this summer where I got service that went above and beyond what was expected.  Companies that enable their employees to take care of customer in these ways will succeed where others will not.